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Can a 1-month-old baby be felt in the womb?


Infant development is a very sensitive subject. From the specific to the general, the baby continues to develop and grow in the womb. A baby is just a sac at first anyway. This sac is located in the uterus and begins to grow slowly. First of all, the baby's heart begins to develop, but until a while it is impossible to hear the heartbeat. In fact, if you look at it, the baby is growing at a serious rate in the womb.


Each week the baby develops a little more.


As the baby's heart continues to develop, the sensory organs, ears, mouth and face continue to develop. For the healthy development of the baby, not only nutrition, but also the relationship and conversation between the mother and child while the baby is in the mother's womb is very important. In the first month, there is not much feeling, because the baby is not yet developed enough to move. The rate of development of the baby in the womb may surprise you when you go for a checkup.


What does a mother feel at 1-month-old baby?


A baby in the womb doesn't actually move much at one month, and you shouldn't even feel any movement until it's almost 3 months old. Until the baby is about 3 or 4 months old, you can only see how much the baby has grown, its heartbeat and what's developing when you go for an ultrasound. A one-month-old baby only has his heart still developing and you can hear a rapid heartbeat.


What to Feel in 1 Month of Pregnancy?


When the expectant mother is a month old, she may feel tired, transparent vaginal discharge, as well as nausea, maybe a little tenderness in the breasts, rather than what you can actually feel. Due to the nausea, the expectant mother may feel a little lack of appetite, but this will pass with time. You may experience morning sickness or nausea while brushing your teeth. It is very important for the expectant mother to be well fed during these periods.


Mom Can Get Emotional.


One of the most important changes is the emotionalization of the expectant mother. She may be out of place or overly emotional about something she sees or hears. Along with extreme mood swings, sudden irritability can also be experienced. It should not be forgotten that all of these are temporary, and spouses generally need to be understanding. The important thing is that the expectant mother should be happy and stress-free not only in the first month, but throughout the entire pregnancy.

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