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First healthy steps with Pialetti


For every parent, their child and everything related to them is very important. We want everything we offer our children to be beautiful, special and healthy. For this reason, the first steps in our children's lives are very important for us and them.


Who is Pialetti?


Pialetti is a local brand that produces organic lambskin baby shoes that do not contain carcinogens. You can see the types of products they make and the certificates they have by visiting their website. It is a very reliable and successful company that has entered the sector with their principles. It is a company that trusts its customers, offers healthy conditions for babies and produces products at European standards. All products are hygienic and completely handmade natural products.


Why Organic Baby Shoes?


The more important the first steps of our babies are, the more important foot health is. Organic baby shoes do not harm the skin health of our babies as they do not contain carcinogenic substances and are produced from genuine leather. Thanks to the structure of the shoes that grip the foot, babies cannot easily take off the shoes. There is a product catalog with many models and color variations. You should try these excellent organic baby products to keep your baby's feet warm at home, protect them from the cold, not endanger their skin health, and at the same time protect their future by using environmentally friendly products.


Why Is It Made From Lambskin?


It is preferred because it is a material suitable for seasonal use. Due to the biological structure of lambskin, it naturally has the feature of staying cool in summer and protecting body temperature in winter. In addition, lambskin has a very soft and flexible structure. It comfortably protects the feet of our babies without compressing them and offers comfort. These shoes, which can also be called shoes for the first steps, offer more comfortable support with their soft structure.

Lambskin is a type of leather that is resistant to tearing and burning due to its natural chemistry. Using such a material, Pialetti can guarantee a long service life.


A Reliable Company


Pialetti has stated the cancellation and refund conditions on its website. It provides its customers with an informational text stating the rights they have and the actions to be taken. In a negative situation, you can undoubtedly request an exchange or refund. In addition, the company's safety info text demonstrates the importance it attaches to its customers. You can also view security information about how your information and credit card information are stored on the site.