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How does a 2-month-old baby gain weight?

How does a 2-month-old baby gain weight?


For mothers and fathers who see their baby's weight as insufficient, they have quests and concerns for their children to be a healthy baby. In order for them to be a healthy adult, their height and weight must be proportional. Parents or caregivers may have concerns about the child as underweight or not gaining weight. Babies should be fed breast milk until the age of 2 years. If there are no health problems in breastfed babies, the baby gains weight in direct proportion to the month in which it is present.


Weight loss in children who are exclusively breastfed for up to 6 months should be thought-provoking for parents. WHO (World Health Organization) emphasizes that breast milk is very important for raising a healthy individual. After the first 6 months, complementary foods are gradually started to support breast milk. If weight loss is noticed instead of weight gain in our child after starting complementary foods, it may be possible to feed the baby by changing the nutrients in the supplementary foods or with more nutritious formulas.


Weight Gain Advice for Babies




Instead of giving ready-made formula, we can prepare food from wheat or rice flour that we will prepare at home and feed our baby.


In order to meet the calcium needs of babies, you can give natural yogurts made at home, little by little.


You can boil and puree the vegetables you have at home.


You can let your baby pdrink the juices of the fruits to meet the vitamins your baby needs from outside.


Most importantly, we should definitely feed our baby with breast milk frequently at night and breastfeed in a healthy way.


What Should Mothers Do If Their Baby Is Insufficient Breast Milk?


When we provide additional food supplements, especially yoghurt, dates, walnuts will help your baby gain a healthy weight. In addition, you can enrich your baby's food menu with different formulas and recipes prepared according to the month your baby is in. (Don't forget to prepare a menu by consulting your doctor.)




Nutrition is very important in the mother-child relationship. There are also mothers who think that their baby is very overweight and also think that they have a weak, not gaining weight baby. For parents who are afraid of their baby getting sick, a specialist should be consulted against the risk of your baby's illness. If such conditions are suspected, you can get help from a pediatrician considering the presence of any health problems in the baby.

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