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How to Name a Baby?

How to Name a Baby?


Naming the unborn or born child is a very tough process. The importance of the name in the child's life, the name suggestions that people do not hesitate to declare and their thoughts on various suggestions, the names of the children of other people who are liked or sound good can cause parents to be confused. Should the baby be named after one of the elders, can it be two names, should a local, religious or universal name be preferred? Such questions can often come up when naming a baby.


 As with all decisions in life, acting calmly, step by step and by planning when naming a baby can make it easier. Below are the methods that can be preferred when naming a baby:


 Prioritizing the Mother's Wishes/Ideas


 It is possible to decide on a name with the mother's ideas or even instincts. In fact, a strong bond is formed between mother and child during pregnancy. Based on this bond, the mother can come up with some name ideas for her child while pregnant, whether or not she learned the gender of her child.


Evaluation of Forethought Names


 Parents may have name ideas for their future children even before pregnancy or even before marriage. In this case, it is necessary not to hesitate to evaluate these ideas. If the name thought before is gender specific and the child's gender will be different, this idea can still be acted upon. Maybe other names that the contemplated name evokes can be used. In this way, both the wishes of the parents are fulfilled and the issue of naming the baby is easily resolved. For example, a father who thinks of naming his baby 'Jasmine' if he has a daughter may not stray too far from nature when he finds out that he will have a son, and may think of the name 'Sylvan' for his baby.


 Naming the Baby According to the Energy of the Letters


 There is a belief that people live by their names. The energies of the letters and the meaning of the name are believed to have an impact on personality. Information about which letter has what energy can be obtained by doing short research on this subject on the internet. For example, the letter R has a harder, angular, sharp, peevish energy. For this reason, parents may want to avoid or especially prefer the letter R. In this way, a name can be given to the baby by researching on the letters.

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