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How to Take Pictures of Babies?


Some moments of our lives are very special to us. And we want those moments to never be lost. Here's a nice way to capture memories is to photograph those moments. Thanks to today's facilities, a camera is no longer necessary to take pictures. With our mobile phones, we can instantly record those special moments. "Okay, but it's not easy to attract babies," I can hear you say. If we apply the right conditions, why not?


How to Pose Newborn Babies?

First of all, if the baby in question is a newborn, certain issues should be considered.

The first thing we should pay attention to is the comfort of the baby. Here you can make mother child time. Get ready for great poses with a baby who has taken a shower, fed and gassed, and going to sleep. Don't forget to put on the clothes you want to wear before going to sleep.


After performing the first step, we can move on to the second step. The important thing here is to prepare the environment. We can start by choosing a nice, simple backdrop. We can make our baby sleep soundly and position it nicely by supporting it with small cushions under a sheet or whatever we will use (the background we choose). Small accessories that we can put next to it will also add color to our photo. For example, you can give a small teddy bear in her hand or you can decorate the place where you will lay the baby with flowers.


Newborn babies are very suitable for posing in the first 14 days. That's why you can pose in many ways, unless there are positions that will cause harm. For example, you can pose in the prone position by putting its face on its hands and pulling its feet to its stomach.


Another important consideration for a good photo is ambient light. The brighter and clearer the photos we will take, the more likes they will be. For a clear photo, the lighting of the environment is in the right proportion. If we are shooting in a home environment, we can benefit more from daylight by positioning it in front of the window. If we have support lights and lighting, we can also get help from them. After all these conditions are met, the rest is up to you to create original poses with your unique perspective.


Photo Shooting Suggestions for Babies Between 0-3 Years Old


Babies in this age range are usually quite active and can't stay still. Photographing these fidgety babies will make you sweat a little. But it is possible to capture beautiful poses with some little tips.


In order to keep your baby stable in the shooting area, you can give a toy accessory suitable for the concept. Enjoy the shot while he/she lingers with it. For the poses you want the camera to look at, you should be positioned where it can capture his/her focus. For example, it may be easier to turn on a cartoon on the television and stand right next to the television and catch the moments when he/she is looking at you.


Birthday Themed Shoots


If the subject of the shoot is a birthday, a cake is a must. Lay a transparent ground cover on a wooden floor and place a cake in front of your baby. Let your baby try to eat it freely with his hands and you capture those unique moments.


Do not strain yourself to pose while taking baby photos. The best photos come from the most natural moments. If you prepare an environment where your baby is comfortable, it will give you beautiful poses while it is having fun. All you have to do is press the shutter button.

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