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Why Do Babies Cry So Much?


Crying is the strongest sign of a baby's self-expression. There are various reasons why a baby cries. This cycle, which starts from the moment of birth, continues continuously until the baby reaches a certain period.


Why Do Babies Cry So Much?


There is no single reason why babies cry. They may cry with or without reason. However, especially in the newborn period, babies may think of crying as a way of both getting used to life and expressing their needs. Understanding what your baby needs will help you in this process. The most important reasons for baby crying can be dirty diapers, hungry, tired, sick, afraid of anything or insomnia.


Having gas in the baby is another reason for crying. A baby with gas pains becomes irritable and may continue to cry until the problem is resolved. This is normal, especially in the early stages. As babies' intestines get used to the regularity, this problem will gradually decrease. However, in cases that do not decrease and become colic, an expert's opinion should be consulted. Some massages or gas medications that your doctor will recommend will help your baby relax.


Sleep deprivation can also trigger a baby to cry. Too noisy or too much light in the environment may disturb the baby. Providing a suitable sleep environment for babies both makes it easier to fall asleep and crying crises can be prevented.


Teething periods are also a painful and difficult period for babies. Babies may cry because their gums are itchy and hurt. 4-7 months are the teething period of babies, but some babies may also teethe earlier. It is normal for your baby to cry during these periods as they feel pain and restless.


Your Baby Cries for No Reason.


Babies cry for no reason. This can be seen as a process of getting used to or knowing your baby. If there is no reason for your baby to cry, showing interest and love to your baby and acting in a way that will calm your baby will comfort your baby. Especially the bond between mother and child is important for the baby to feel comfortable and peaceful and to see itself safe.

As your baby gets used to you and the environment, gains a sense of trust towards the family and learns to calm down, this situation will decrease a little more.

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