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About us

Pialetti Baby
As Pialetti Baby, we have been producing natural lambskin booties for our babies, our most valuable asset in the world, since the day we were founded. Your baby deserves a comfortable and healthy start in life. We choose high quality lamb skins in our products and offer them to your baby's comfort.

Why Pialetti Baby?
Using High Quality natural lambskin
Meticulously handcrafted production
There are no carcinogenic substances in our products.
Aesthetic look
Safe & Healthy
Production in hygienic standards

Our Values
The happiness of all our mothers & their babies is our core value.

To gain the loyalty and trust of our customers by offering high quality products and services to our customers.

We fulfill our responsibilities towards the environment and society in the best way possible.

We bring a new breath to the sector with handcrafted natural products.

We provide value to our suppliers and the stores where our products are sold, by staying true to our basic principles.

As Pialetti Baby, we continue to grow, increase the customer experience and develop our product range.