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What are the Benefits of Using Organic Products for the Baby?
The concept of organic is a concept that we have heard a lot in recent years. When it comes to our babies, we want the best for them. We have become accustomed to organic food, but how much have we become accustomed to organic shoes and products? Babies have more sensitive skin than adults. Redness and irritation may occur on their skin due to harmful chemicals.
How to Keep 9 Months Old Baby occupied?
The ninth month, which is an important process in motor development, is a period in which babies can easily crawl and stand by holding on. Can hold and lift small objects with thumb and forefinger.
First healthy steps with Pialetti
For every parent, their child and everything related to them is very important. We want everything we offer our children to be beautiful, special and healthy. For this reason, the first steps in our children's lives are very important for us and them.
Rash in Babies
Rash in Babies
Since it is in most babies, what causes diaper rash in babies, how to treat diaper rash, diaper rash creams work or not are the topics of interest by parents. Generally, it is possible to develop diaper rash when a dirty diaper is left on babies for a long time or when it is wet for a long time.
What Causes a Milk Crust in Babies?
Since babies' skin is sensitive, various skin problems can also be seen. The host, also known as cradle cap in babies, may occur due to some reasons. Milk crust disease is common in newborn babies.
How to Take Care of a Baby?
How to Take Care of a Baby?
As Pialetti, we offer the most natural, delicate, and organic products for babies. Meet our shoes that we produce with real lambskin. We offer comfortable, cushioned, and healthy products for your babies. Offer your babies naturalness and elegance. In our article, we present useful information to you, dear mothers and expectant mothers. You can find information about “Baby Care” in our article.
How Should Babies Be Sleeping?
How Should Babies Be Sleeping?
Pialetti considers the foot health of your baby not only with its stylish appearance, but also with useful and healthy products. You can use organic shoe models that provide comfortable and easy walking for your babies with peace of mind. As Pialetti, we do not only produce shoes, but also write blogs to help mothers. In our blog article below, we have given information on "How to Make Babies Sleep". Those who are interested can read the article.
Does a Baby Have Pneumonia in the Womb?
For the health of the baby, the expectant mother must always take care of her own health. Especially since the immunity of pregnant women decreases, they get cold, flu and similar diseases more easily. If left untreated, the risk of harm to the baby increases. The expectant mother should pay attention to what she eats and drinks.
What Does Blood Incompatibility Between Mother and Baby Cause?
The blood in the human body is divided into five different groups: A, B, 0, AB and Rh. There are proteins called Antigens in blood cells that determine these groups. For example, a person with type B blood has B antigen. When group A blood is given to this person, the body sees it as a foreign matter and begins to produce antibodies and attack these blood cells.
What should be considered when choosing clothes for children?
What should be considered when choosing clothes for children?
It is necessary to be very careful when choosing clothes for children. In particular, it is important to choose clothes from healthy and organic fabrics. Parents should be very careful when buying clothes for their children. In addition, what should be considered when choosing clothes for children? How should the fabric selection be? Which fabric types are most preferred? These questiona are asked. Therefore, the right clothes should be preferred for children. When buying clothes for children, it should be checked whether the clothes contain wool. Children with eczema skin condition should not wear woolen clothes. Wool clothes will be bad for eczema.