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Causes and Solution of Anorexia in Children

Causes and Solution of Anorexia in Children


Today, many parents complain about their children's lack of appetite. Lack of appetite is seen in many children and this situation poses a great problem for parents. There may be many different reasons for this situation. In this sense, parents do a lot of research.


What Causes Anorexia in Children?


The frequency and amount of feeding in children varies according to their age. Children should consume daily calorie amounts according to their height and weight ratios. But today, many children have problems such as loss of appetite. In this sense, parents often ask the question of what are the causes of anorexia in children.


There are many reasons for loss of appetite in children. Anorexia occurs when children do not consume enough food. In this case, many answers can be given to the question of what are the causes of anorexia in children. One of them is infections. In addition, ear, nose and throat diseases, sore throat and some anemia trigger anorexia in children.


Along with these, reasons such as growing up in an unhappy family environment or consuming too much junk food can also answer the question of what are the causes of anorexia in children.


What are the Causes of Anorexia?


Loss of appetite in children can be caused by many reasons. The causes of anorexia in children are explained as follows:


- Inconsistency of feeding time or amount of food

- Food allergy situations

- Difficulty in swallowing

- Lung, heart diseases or metabolic health problems

- Negative bond between mother and father

- Transition to solid food in infants

- Feeding babies and children with tubes, drugs and serum for a long time and

- During feeding, reasons such as failure to swallow in the first attempt cause loss of appetite.


How to Make Children Love Eating?

First of all, if a disease that causes loss of appetite in children is suspected, a doctor should be consulted. However, if there is no health problem due to lack of appetite, some methods can be tried to increase appetite. Accordingly, we can answer the question of how to eliminate anorexia as follows:


- Children should be allowed to eat as much as they want.

- Meals should be eaten with all family members.

- Spend time with children in the kitchen and be allowed to help.

- Drinks should be given to children after meals.

- Children should be taken outside and moved.

- They should not be allowed to play with toys or watch TV at the dinner table.

- Consumption of junk food should be reduced.


With these substances, the question of how to relieve anorexia can be answered. Apart from these, loss of appetite is frequently seen in children who have bad relations with their parents. For this reason, always approaching children more calmly about eating can be a solution to children's problems such as loss of appetite.

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