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How Are Babies Weaned?

How Are Babies Weaned?


The process of weaning babies can be examined under headings such as preparation, that is, before weaning, weaning, and after weaning. Since the mother and the child are in the lead roles, it is important to evaluate and understand it for both.




 Babies need the smell and skin contact of their mother, the only person they feel safe with as soon as they open their eyes to the world. Immediately afterwards, they meet with the mother's breast to receive breast milk. With the baby's sucking reflex and hormones, milk is provided. Both physical and mental nutrition of babies continues in this way for the first 6 months. After switching to supplementary food as the baby grows, the baby is now getting used to the outside world.


 What to Consider Before Weaning?


 First of all, the mother must be ready for it. Frequency and duration of breastfeeding will begin to decrease in babies whose dependence on breast milk decreases with supplementary food. Of course, there are exceptions. If the baby is sleeping while sucking, calming down by sucking or making it a game, it can be very difficult to end the process. Breastfeeding should start to be reduced before weaning. They should be fed with supplementary foods. It should be paid attention not to breastfeed while sleeping. The baby should be removed from the breast in the usual flow of the day, without making the baby feel too much, with slow cooling efforts.




 When it comes to weaning phase, the mother should be determined and not show emotional weakness. She should know that she does not starve his baby and does not push it away. The baby's skin contact with the mother and safe zone are not limited to stay on the breast or sucking. If it's time to say goodbye, the first step can be taken by telling the baby that there is no milk left. After decreasing breastfeeding frequencies, the contact will not be suddenly cut. You should not step back if he insists. It can be made to be forgotten by attracting attention to different directions. Hugging and talking while looking into their eyes will calm the baby. It is definitely not recommended to put anything strange on the nipple. On the contrary, he can still continue in contact with the breast with which he first bonded and fed. There is no problem in touching and smelling.


 After Weaning


 If the milk still continues to come when the baby is weaned, it is important for the mother's health to empty the milk. Backward steps should not be taken. Happy and healthy mothers and babies form the foundations of our future.

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