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How Does a 5 Month Old Baby Gain Weight?

How Does a 5 Month Old Baby Gain Weight?


Weight gain and nutritional status of their babies are at the top of the issues that new parents are most worried about. The only thing that a mother who has just given birth thinks about from the first moment she meets her baby is to feed her baby and feed him in the best way possible.


This process, which starts from the birth of the baby, continues no matter how old the child is and even when he is an adult. Especially in infancy and childhood, the feeding process is one of the most important issues for parents. There are many parents who find themselves at the doctor's door constantly worrying even though their babies are of normal weight. Rather than whether the baby is overweight or not, it should be considered whether the baby's health status is proportional to the month.


Is the Baby's Weight Normal?


One of the most frequently heard phrases by parents after birth consists of questions about how much weight the baby was born. However, the important thing is not the baby's weight, but the health status of the baby. Of course, it is of great importance to pay attention to the baby's nutrition and weight gain in the following processes. From the moment the baby is born, the baby's height and weight are measured at regular intervals. In the light of these height and weight values, a comparison will be made with the birth weight of the baby and the necessary evaluation will be made about whether the baby is at a healthy weight. Since the developmental stages of each baby will be different, it will be useful to evaluate the baby according to his own birth weight, not the weight of other babies.


How Much Should a 5 Month Old Baby Weight?


The weight gain of babies may differ between male and female infants. Since male babies can develop faster, they can reach about 2 times their birth weight from the 5th month. In female babies, this developmental course can reach the 15th month. There are many points that affect weight gain in babies. Mothers who want the baby to gain weight can get positive results about the baby's weight gain by feeding them with foods that increase the quality of their milk if they are breastfeeding their babies. Since breastfeeding is also a special moment that strengthens the bond between mother and child, making the best use of this process will be beneficial for both the spiritual and physical development of the baby.

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