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How Should Babies Be Sleeping?

How Should Babies Be Sleeping?

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Sleep in newborn babies is important as a building block for the development of babies. Babies grow up happier with the right sleep, which is at least as important as nutrition. First, a safe sleeping environment should be provided, and then sleep routines should be established.


What is Safe Sleep?


According to studies, sleep accidents are the leading cause of infant deaths. However, this situation can be prevented by creating a safe environment for babies. By following the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association, we create a safe sleeping environment. These recommendations are;


- Babies should be laid on their backs.


- A sleeping bag suitable for the season should be worn. Quilts and blankets can cause the baby to cover their face and become short of breath.


- It should be placed in a compact and tidied cradle.


- Extras such as toys, pillows, edge protectors should not be kept in the baby crib.


- Especially in the first months, parents should not sleep with the baby and the baby should be laid in its own crib.


- Babies should be put to sleep on a hard floor and not on a soft floor such as a quilt.


- It should not be dressed in such a way that it will become excessively hot, it is sufficient that the room temperature is between 20-23 degrees.


-Baby pacifiers should not be hung on the neck.


- No smoking near the baby.


Pre-Sleep Routines


Creating a sleep routine is of great importance for the mother and child. With the created routine, babies understand that it is time to sleep, they calm down and the transition to sleep becomes easier. First of all, your baby's development and getting to know it can give you an idea about how to establish a routine. For some babies, a warm shower is enough to go to sleep, while for some babies, taking a shower can make them more active. It may take a few months for the established routines to become a habit in the baby.


What are the methods of getting used to sleep?


According to the development of babies, routines can be started gradually after the 4th month. It can be started by observing the time when daytime sleepiness decreases and nighttime feedings decrease. You can start the process of going to sleep after 8 pm.


Generally, 2 Methods are Used in Transition to Sleep


  1. Coo - Sleep: Skin contact with babies should never be established in this method. It is a method applied by waiting next to him until he falls asleep in a crib without making a sound.


  1. Ferber: The purpose of this method is to teach the baby to lie down and sleep alone. The baby is put to bed and the room is left, and the room is entered and exited at regular intervals. For this method, it should be waited until at least 7 months old.

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