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How to Keep 9 Months Old Baby occupied?

How to Keep 9 Months Old Baby occupied?


The ninth month, which is an important process in motor development, is a period in which babies can easily crawl and stand by holding on. Can hold and lift small objects with thumb and forefinger.


Every baby's development is different, and in this process, it will be beneficial to play games that support motor development and strengthen the baby's visual memory on the one hand, and provide quality time on the other hand. It is not always easy to find or try to create different activities for the mother and child, but we have compiled a few activities that strengthen motor skills, visual memory and support sensory development with materials that can be found at home.


1-Games that Strengthen Visual Memory


- Cube games, cubes of different sizes or different colors will attract attention with diversity and support imagination. E.g; line up the cubes.


-Making pictures; Drawing strengthens both visual memory and pencil holding exercises will support your child's motor skills. They can imitate you as you draw, and this "copying" process is a big part of development.


2-Games that Support Motor Skills


- Mutual ball rolling game, since babies this month can sit for a long time, this game that supports motor skills can be a fun time for you.


-Filling-unloading game; Filling and unloading toys into a basket is one of the games that children love to do and that supports motor development. The hold-release action supports finger development.


3-Games that Support Sensory Development


-A game of touching different objects; It is very important to touch and explore different tissues in terms of motor skills and sensory support. E.g; Although touching objects such as a soft-textured toy animal, a hard object, or kinetic sand is very supportive in terms of sensory development, it should definitely be done under the supervision of an adult, since at the ninth month the child will want to explore the object by bringing it to the mouth.


- Since the child starts to eat additional food in the ninth month, it is important that he sits at the table with the family at meal times. Although eating is not a game, eating by itself is an important process that supports sensory development while supporting motor skills.


Every baby is special and their development is different. You can adapt these games/suggestions according to your own baby and situation and use them in your development.

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