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How to Lower Fever of a 4-Year-Old Child?

How to Lower Fever of a 4-Year-Old Child?


Fever means an increase in body temperature above normal. This means that our body is fighting an illness and trying to heal itself.


 What are the Causes of Fever?


 Every family gets worried when their children have a fever. As there can be many reasons, the most common cause of fever in children is infection. It also can be an indication of many diseases other than infection. Ligament diseases, taking medicine, and vaccination can cause fever as well as it can be caused by cold, flu, croup, meningitis, joint muscle inflammation.


 What Are the Symptoms of Fever?


 The most important symptom of fever is body heat. Apart from this symptom, some children may experience symptoms such as weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, and restlessness. Fever is a condition that even affects the mother-child relationship.


 How Is Fever Measured?


 There are many different ways to measure temperature in children. But the most important thing is choosing the most practical method which is the most suitable for you and your child. Today, the most preferred method by parents is touchless thermometers, but there are also other devices that measure temperature from the armpit, ear, forehead, and anus. The use of measuring devices from anus is not recommended for children aged four and over.


How to Lower a Fever?


 The most important and first thing to do should be taking off the child’s clothes or change them with thinner clothes. The temperature level of the environment you are in should be lowered. The child's fluid consumption should be increased, and the child should be led to take plenty of fluids. Children should not be forced to eat because they generally have loss of appetite, but it should be checked whether they are getting enough fluids. The child should be given a warm shower. However, cold water should never be used, the water temperature should be at 34-35 level. Extremely cold water can cause your child’s fever to go up. If there is no suitable environment for taking a shower, compresses should be applied to the forehead, armpit and inguinal area with a wet cloth or handkerchief.


 Antipyretic drugs can be used adequately for children with very high fever with the recommendation of the doctor. If your child's condition continues to worsen after all these are done, and if his weakness and restlessness increase, and the fever level is above 39-40 C and does not decrease, if fever lasts for more than 24 hours, if there is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or any rash with fever, the child should be taken to the nearest clinic.

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