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How to Manufacture Diapers?

How to Manufacture Diapers?


Contrary to what is believed, diapers existed long before the industrial revolution. At that time, babies were bediapered, and this was one of the traditions. The diaper was first invented by Marian Donovan in 1951.


 How Did the Diaper Appear?


 After giving birth, being tired of doing dirty laundry all the time, Marian Donovan planned to bring order into the house, and so she found something comfortable for the baby and herself. Finding disposable diapers, Marian made not only her own life but also the life of all mothers and children easier.


 What are the Features of Baby Diapers?


 The diaper consists of three layers. These are inner, outer, middle layers. The inner layer is made of some plastic that touches the baby's skin, the middle layer is made of paper towels and super absorbent polymers that absorb the liquid coming into the diaper, and the outer layer is made up of a kind of plastic material with a waterproof feature.


 What is the Importance of Diapers for Health?


 In the late 1970s and early 1980s, toxic shock syndrome, which can sometimes be fatal, was observed in the use of tampons containing SPA substance. Later it turned out that the reason for this was not the SPA. It can be absorbed with a toxic substance called chlorine dioxin, which is used to whiten the paper-mache that covers most of the diaper. As a result of animal tests, it has been seen that this substance affects fetal development, weakens reproduction and harms the immune system. Dioxin can be harmful in large amounts and in long-term exposure. The dye in the diaper is also often stated not to be harmful, but it can cause allergenic reactions in some babies. In addition, perfume used in diapers is often considered harmless, but it also causes itching and redness in some babies.


 It is obvious how ready-made diapers make life easier. From the past to the present, baby diapers, like everything else, have undergone many changes. It has come into our lives sometimes as cloth and linoleum, sometimes as cotton and sometimes as linen, but in every way, it has saved women from this complaint. It also had positive effects in terms of health. In Africa, for example, children caught many diseases because of feces, and they resulted in death.

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