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How to Take Care of a Baby?

How to Take Care of a Baby?


As Pialetti, we offer the most natural, delicate, and organic products for babies. Meet our shoes that we produce with real lambskin. We offer comfortable, cushioned, and healthy products for your babies. Offer your babies naturalness and elegance. In our article, we present useful information to you, dear mothers and expectant mothers. You can find information about “Baby Care” in our article.


It is necessary to be very sensitive in the first days of the baby's birth. We need to pay attention to the way we sleep. It is necessary to take care that the neck structure is not crooked by tilting the head to the right side one day and to the left side one day. Because babies' bodies are very soft when they are first born. For example, if we lay the baby on its back, the back of its head will be flat. In other words, the child's head structure is broken.


What are the products that can be applied to the skin as an alternative?


Diaper change is very important. For example, diaper tying of baby boys requires attention. It should not be tied too often. Every time we clean their bottoms, they should be taken care of, and anti-nappy creams and oils should be applied. If there are babies who are sensitive to creams, genuine olive oil is applied. It doesn't harm children.

 Should There Be Communication?


We can also do gentle stretching massages by straightening the arms and legs of babies. We have to communicate with them by starting in the womb. We should convey beautiful and positive thoughts to the babies as if we were talking to an adult. We should not think they do not understand. Because they are created with a very superior creation.


How Should Nutrition Be?


Giving breast milk to the baby from the first day is the best thing to do. Because the benefits of breast milk are a proven fact by scientists and doctors all over the world. Although the doctors say that the baby should not be given water for the first six months, our elders advised us to give water. Because this allows the child to speak better. In addition, it is important that the clothes are made of cotton in terms of breathing.


What Should Be Considered After Six Months?


After the first six months, complementary foods should be started with breast milk. Yogurt and liquid soups should be given to the baby. During the teething process, be patient and contact the doctor. In addition, babies should be taken outside on days when the weather is not very hot or cold. Babies start walking between the ages of one and a half. During this period, care should be taken as they are very curious. In addition, it should be noted that the shoes are orthopedic.


How Should the Bathroom Be?


We need to make the bath exciting in order to give our babies a bath habit. We should never scare them in the water. The most important thing that scares babies from water is the choice of shampoo. We should choose a shampoo that doesn't burn your eyes. Also, we should take his favorite toys to the bathroom and make them enjoy bathing. Finally, we should not forget that the communication between mother and child is very strong.

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