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What Causes a Milk Crust in Babies?

What Causes a Milk Crust in Babies?


Since babies' skin is sensitive, various skin problems can also be seen. The host, also known as cradle cap in babies, may occur due to some reasons. Milk crust disease is common in newborn babies. Known as a red and scaly rash, the host is often itchy. Especially mothers and fathers wonder what causes milk crust in babies, how the milk crust is treated, what the disadvantages of the milk crust are she. In this case, it may be necessary to examine in detail. Milk crust disease is one of the common skin conditions that affects the scalp of infants. Milk crust disease can make the scalp a scaly structure.


What Does a Milk Crust Mean in Babies?


The formation of white, yellowish or gray scales on the heads of babies is called the milk crust. Inflammation may also occur on the scalp, which is covered with red or gray scales. In some cases, this scaling can spread to the armpits, ears, eyebrows and forehead. How is the milk crust treated? A good doctor should be consulted as soon as the symptoms appear. Seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp of babies can be confused with a milk crust condition. Therefore, the symptoms of each disease should be considered in detail. Dandruff can usually appear on the skin for a variety of reasons.


What Are the Causes of Milk Crust in Babies?


There are various causes of diseases. What are the disadvantages of the host? When all such factors are known, precautions should be taken accordingly. The exact cause of milk crust disease is unknown. Usually, sebaceous glands or too much oil accumulation in the hair follicles can cause this ailment. A type of yeast called Malassezia in the skin also affects genes. This plays an important role in the development of seborrheic dermatitis. Milk crust disease is one of the most common ailments in newborn babies.


What Are the Symptoms of Milk Crust Disease?


There are different symptoms of milk crust disease. Also, causes of the milk crust in babies, treatment methods of the milk crust and the disadvantages of the milk crust must be investigated. Symptoms of milk crust disease can be listed as follows;


- Yellow crusting on the scalp or body


-White or yellow scaly skin


- Itching and redness on the skin


- Large and small swollen areas on the skin


-Pink spotting combined with red skin


A healthy baby shampoo should be used for milk crustntreatment in babies. Washing baby's hair often helps remove scales. A soft brush should be used especially for washing. An anti-yeast ointment is also used after the hair is washed.

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