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What is Pregnancy Yoga? What Should Be Considered While Doing It?

What is Pregnancy Yoga? What Should Be Considered While Doing It?


Pregnancy yoga is known as a way to reduce nausea, cramps and stress by supporting the waist and spine with breathing and asana postures to make the pregnancy process comfortable. It prepares the body for birth and postpartum.


 What is Pregnancy Yoga?


 Thanks to yoga, baby's health is also protected. Pregnancy yoga should be done under the guidance of a specialist. It seems necessary not only for those who will give birth normally, but also for every woman who will have a baby. Happy mothers-to-be mean healthy and peaceful babies, which is made possible by pregnancy yoga. Pregnancy yoga provides a healthy and peaceful pregnancy period.


 How to Do Pregnancy Yoga?


 Before starting pregnancy yoga, you should definitely consult your doctor. Your doctor will advise you which postures are healthy for you and which should not be done. Pregnancy yoga should start with deep breathing exercises and continue with gentle sitting positions. While doing yoga, it is necessary not to stretch the body too much. It should be done with gentle movements without tiring the body.


 The exercises can be repeated five to ten times a day. However, it is not recommended to exceed thirty minutes. Deep breathing movements, some back movements, leg and arm exercises are sufficient for baby health in pregnancy yoga. Known as a way of reducing stress, pregnancy yoga facilitates the birth and postpartum period and helps to create happy mothers-to-be.


What Should Be Considered While Doing Pregnancy Yoga?


 If approved by your doctor, pregnancy yoga can be started in the twelfth week of your pregnancy. Sixty minutes of exercise two days a week will suffice. Happy mothers-to-be should be careful not to be too full before starting classes. It is important to drink plenty of water.


 It is necessary to attend yoga classes regularly. Known as a way of reducing stress, yoga should be done in comfortable clothes. In risky pregnancies, it should not be done without the approval of the doctor for the health of the baby.


 What is Its Benefit for the Mother and Baby?


 Pregnancy physically puts strain on the musculoskeletal system. With the change in the center of gravity, back and waist pain, neck pain and cramps can be seen. Pregnancy yoga helps to form an upright and strong skeletal system and to stretch the joints. It helps to eliminate posture disorders while teaching correct breathing.


 The expectant mother, whose oxygen need has increased, will have taken the right step for the health of the baby by accelerating the blood circulation with the right breathing techniques. Known as a way of reducing stress, yoga is important for happy expectant mothers. Happy mothers-to-be are known as the most basic stage of healthy and peaceful babies and an easy birth process.

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