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What is the Importance of Breast Milk?

What is the Importance of Breast Milk?


Breast milk is very important for babies. Breast milk is a miraculous food for babies. All the nutrients that babies need are found in breast milk. During the first six months of newborn babies, all nutrients are provided by breast milk. Therefore, the importance of breast milk is very high. Also, how is the bond between the baby and the mother strengthened? There are many considerations regarding the benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk usually comes after birth. Especially the first yellow milk after birth is very important for babies. This milk is also known as the baby's first vaccine. The benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk are endless.


Why Is Breast Milk Important For Babies?


Breast milk is very important for babies. During the first six months, breast milk contains fat, iron, protein and all kinds of vitamins that babies need. Breast milk, which is the ideal food source, is the strongest nutritional source. Breast milk will protect the baby from all infections due to the preservatives it contains. There are enough vitamins and water in breast milk. Therefore, even in very hot climates, water may not be given to the baby. That's why breast milk is so important. In addition, how does the bond between the baby and the mother become stronger thanks to breast milk, what are the benefits of breastfeeding are the questions that are wondered about.


Does Breast Milk Strengthen the Bond Between Baby and Mother?


Breast milk generally establishes a strong bond between the baby and the mother. While a mother is breastfeeding her baby, a very strong bond is formed between mother and baby. This bond of love is known as the best way of communication between mother and baby. In addition, the importance of breast milk is very high for this reason. Breast milk strengthens the immune system of babies. Thanks to breast milk, the baby does not have diarrhea. Babies also need breast milk for their teeth development. At the same time, breast milk protects children from diseases such as asthma, allergies and childhood diabetes. How does breast milk strengthen the bond between the baby and the mother? The benefits of breastfeeding are many.


What are the Curiosities About Breast Milk?


Breast milk is the most natural food for babies. Therefore, breast milk should definitely be given to the baby if there is no health problem. Mothers should be sensitive about this and breastfeed their babies. Every mother wants to have a healthy baby, the most natural way is to give breast milk. Breastfeeding is not only feeding the baby. It also provides an emotional bond between the mother and the baby. Mothers should feed their babies with breast milk for at least 6 months. After switching to supplementary food, breast milk is continued. Breastfeeding can be continued until the age of 2 unless there is a significant problem. So there will be healthy babies and happy mothers.

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