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Why Should We Choose Organic Products?

Why Should We Choose Organic Products?


The organic product is produced naturally, without using toxic agricultural substances and pesticides. No precautions harmful to health and nature are taken in the processing of cotton harvested from the field. No carcinogenic chemicals that endanger human health are used. Organic products that you can use safely are products that are produced with respect to the environment and people.


 Organic cotton is safer for your skin


 Organic cotton does not contain harmful chemicals. It is the only textile product safe for people with sensitive skin and babies allergic to artificial dyes, synthetic fabrics, and chemicals. Most synthetic fabrics, including nylon and polyester, are made from petroleum.


 Since organic cotton is made without the use of petroleum products, they do not emit these toxic gases. Softeners, bleaches, or harmful chemicals are not used in the production of organic textiles. In other words, you protect your skin from the effects of these chemicals by choosing these products.


 Organic Cotton is Comfortable and Safe for Baby Health


 Classic children's clothes, from underwear to towels, from blankets to berets, contain toxic chemicals. Many non-flammable, wrinkle-proof and non-shrinking chemical products used in textile production steps leave residuals, and these chemical residuals do not disappear even after the product has been washed several times. When we buy organic products, it is more convenient to use in terms of comfort and safety. Comfort and safety are among the important clothing elements. Comfort and safety should be at the top of the list for baby products.


 The skin of babies and children is more permeable than the skin of adults, and chemicals that touch their bodies are easily absorbed by the skin. That's where comfort and confidence come into play. Because your immune system is still developing, it cannot fight these toxins sufficiently. We feel more comfortable when using clothes containing organic cotton. Organic product is an important element for our health, so we should prefer clothes containing organic cotton.


Top Quality Organic Clothes with Natural Fibers


 One of the advantages of organic textiles is that the products are of higher quality. Organic clothes produced with natural fibers are made from materials containing the purest and most natural, unprocessed natural fibers. Fabrics containing natural fibers are not subjected to processes that affect the quality of the fabric, such as stripping, waxing, bleaching, softening. Products produced without natural fibers are subjected to the processes.